What Is Lineage 2M? Jan-11-2021

Based on the classic computer version of Lineage 2, launched in 2003, NCsoft aims to push the technical frontiers of Korean MMORPGs with Lineage 2M. This heading includes 4 technology foundations, and we explain them in more detail below. Just a note, we will only highlight some key features because a lot of mistakes happen during the event. Lineage 2M was launched in the fourth quarter.

One of the four technical bases, "Full 3D Graphics," here refers to the 4K UHD resolution at which Lineage 2M can be reproduced. This is mostly for the PC version, which we’ll talk about later in the article.

One of the four technical bases, “collision detection,” basically means that players can feel a more realistic impact when interacting with objects within the game, such as battles. This system also improves how monsters react to attacks, especially in boss attacks.

One of the four technical bases, “seamless download,” is a huge deal because NCsoft claims that players never have to download anything in an open world. Wavern has transportation options such as teleport and horseback riding to make traveling easier.

One of the four technical bases, One Channel Open World, is a continuation of the concept of seamless download. Each channel is known to have over 10,000 players at any one time, enabling massive PvP and PVP battles.

NCsoft founder and CEO Kim Taek-Jin (below) praised on stage that "there will be no game in the next few years that could technically follow Lineage 2M."

Although Lineage 2M uses Lineage 2 as a basis for design, new characters appear, possibly with new areas that only belong to Lineage 2M.

There are “dozens” of world leaders, and unions have to fight each other for them, sort of like the PVPVE scenario.

I’m not really sure about this, but it was argued that unlike the classic seasons, there will also be the original seasons. Lineage 2M will launch in about a hundred classrooms. This has not been much sought after as the PC version, including development, has exceeded this number.

In solving the mobile device problem, NCsoft claimed that the game itself adjusts the graphics and the number of players on the screen according to the specifications of the mobile device. The goal is to maintain a full experience regardless of the mobile device.

Next up is Purple, NCsoft’s new PC emulator for playing mobile games. Mobile gamers and Purple PC players share the same server, making Lineage M a multi-level game. Purple also has original support for the keyboard and mouse.

Lineage 2M is the first title in purple that this emulator enhances. Purple also has a live streaming feature in addition to watching other streams. Currently, Purple uses mobile payment channels instead of traditional PC download options.

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