The new profession "Crossbow" is coming soon Mar-15-2022

NCSOFT's "Paradise 2 M" will launch the calendar V revision on March 23, opening the new "Crossbow" profession, the arena copy "Ancient Island" and other content. Coinciding with the first anniversary of the game's launch, the official also prepared a special coupon for the first anniversary of TJ, and announced the start of the pre-order event.

The official website of "Paradise 2M" released the first anniversary update "Celebrity V: Determination with Blood" preview page today (8), and started the pre-order event at the same time. The game will be revised on March 23, and the content of the revision is also announced on the website. In addition to the new "Crossbow" profession, there are also the arena copy "Ancient Island", the expanded Aden Adventure "Ancient Battlefield, Aden Border Zone". ” and equip the newly evolved “Holy Endowment System” and other rich contents.

In addition, a new copy of Olympia, "Pagan Catacombs", will be released after the game update on March 10. Gather players from all worlds to form a 20vs20 team and fight fiercely for more points before the time runs out.

In order to celebrate the first anniversary and the arrival of Chapter V, a variety of TJ gift coupons with honorary discounts are specially provided, including "professional, pottery, equipment restoration, paid equipment restoration, collection" and so on. Details can be checked on the official website.

From now until 3/22 23:59, as long as you participate in the "Heaven 2 M" "Celebrity V: Resolve with Blood", you can receive the first anniversary thanksgiving gift, including the "1st Anniversary Hero Class Challenge Coupon (event). )", "1st Anniversary Hero Pot Essence Challenge Coupon (1 time) (event)", "1st Anniversary Calendar Chapter Commemorative Ring", "1st Anniversary Special Heir Gear Box (Event)", "1st Anniversary Special Heirloom" Support Box (Event)" and "Mysterious Resolution Box (Event) x14".

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