Play Lineage2M on Android Dec-20-2021

A new version of the classic MMORPG comes to smartphones. Lineage2M is now available for free download.

NCSOFT presented Lineage2M, a new version of the now classic MMORPG that can be downloaded for free on Android. In it, we embody the "heir" who came to end the evil caused by the dark Etis and his army. A handful of races and more than 30 classes to choose from are some of the tools we have to fulfill the objective of this challenge that becomes somewhat monotonous over time.

The story behind Lineage2M is simple and concrete. After a long introductory scene showing an epic battle in a castle, we stumble upon a powerful villain known as Etis, who has caused death and destruction across the land. A small group of resistance will face this evil individual with an ace up his sleeve: our character.

Called "The heir"; the avatar from which we will choose race (human, elf, dark elf, orc or dwarf) has a special power of the deity Einhasad incorporated that can destroy the antagonist and his plan. Our task will be to prepare ourselves to travel the arduous road to that final duel.

To farm like a machine

The combat system has interesting, but repetitive things. Basically, the axis of the question will be to walk alone or with other players through the maps of the various cities that we transit to fulfill missions granted by different non-controllable characters, which will mostly involve attacking and defeating any enemy that stands in our way (from small beings to larger ones, as we advance). This will be rewarded with experience to level up the protagonist, in addition to consumable items and equipment.

The controls are also quite simple, with a button to move and another to attack as the main ones, as well as additional ones for abilities or items. But the most striking and practical issue is the fact that it can be configured so that the hero self-attacks everything around him, which will allow us to do other things outside the game while we let the cell phone do only the dirty work.

One heir, many possibilities

The aforementioned races open new doors in terms of the more than 30 classes that we can use. Both humans and elves have the same character types: knight, warrior, raider, archer, cleric, and wizard. Dark elves are the same, only they lack the knight. Orcs have knights, archers, and wizards, while dwarves have knights, warriors, raiders, and wizards.

As you progress, the Class Path will be unlocked, where new classes are acquired through Class Cards. However, thanks to this routing system, users can continue to a higher rank in their chosen class when a certain level is reached.

As expected, each alternative has different abilities, strengths and weaknesses, so it is key to think of a good strategy before facing difficult battles.

On the other hand, there is a section of missions, achievements and daily blessings to get different objects as a reward.

An oversight that can be lethal

Undoubtedly, the strong point of this title is the visual, since the graphics stand out despite being a product for smartphones. It becomes much more noticeable in cinematics, but in terms of textures it has a very good result, although with some slight delay in rendering.

But placing so much emphasis on this factor perhaps caused them to not give the deserved importance to the gameplay, which becomes repetitive when having to fight over and over again to advance, without many other actions involved to get a little out of the routine. .

The class catalog and the simplicity of the auto attacks add points in favor, but it does not seem enough to cover the negative aspect already mentioned.


Lineage2M is presented as a simple game, which is fused with remarkable animations and a not very far-fetched story. It has some interesting points, but the monotony takes away quite a bit of shine. The wide variety of characters, weapons, spells, and the auto-play aspect add a little extra freshness. Perhaps, it is aimed more at a secondary activity while we can do other tasks in real life, so if you like variety and the freedom to do what.

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