New Year's holiday has arrived in MMORPG Lineage 2M Jan-04-2022

Lineage 2M welcomes the New Year's fix, which carried with it a themed prison and different occasion items.

Explorers in Lineage 2M can cheer - distributer NCsoft has added a New Year's fix. The prison "New Year's Island" is accessible in it, just to take part in it you want to arrive at level 30. You can remain in it for two hours every day. Likewise, New Year's merchants have showed up in the urban areas, who will trade occasion beautifications for different items. Merchants will end on January nineteenth, and exceptional items will be removed on February 23rd, 2022. More information on the rundown can be found on the authority forum.

Players can likewise gather sacks of karma of various shadings, the plunder in them is shown by the connection. Additionally, in every aspect of Aden until January twelfth, when chasing after field monsters, the "New Year Card 2022" may quitter. An extraordinary NPC Goodz will trade them for different items. Notwithstanding the happy mood and the expansion of new premium chests, players on the forum complain that the designers don't fix bugs for quite a while. Will we allow NCsoft an opportunity to improve in the New Year?

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