NCsoft, ‘Lineage 2M’ Chronicle VI Episode III Update Mar-25-2022

Break News Reporter Jeong Min-woo = NCsoft announced that MMORPG (multiplayer online role-playing game) 'Lineage 2M''s 'Chronicle VI. Throne of Chaos: Gracia - Episode III' update was conducted on the 24th.

Through this update, Lineage 2M introduced Arena dungeon 'Fire Valley' World dungeon 'Tower of Oman's 8th and 9th floors Great Sword' and 'Orb' class renewal.

‘Valley of Burning’ is the new top-level arena dungeon in the Aden area. Users of various worlds can cooperate and compete in the Burning Valley, and attack the fire attribute boss monster ‘Adil’.

The upper part of the world dungeon 'Tower of Pride' was also opened. Users can meet the earth angel 'Galaxia' on the 8th floor of the Tower of Oman and the void angel 'Veritas' on the 9th floor.

The sword class emphasized the role of a counter that withstands the opponent's attack and counterattacks. Users can use skills such as Reflect Stun Disrigard Reflect Ability Paradox to obtain the highest level of stun defense effect and increase the enemy blockade probability. ‘Crescendo Vitality’, which provides additional stats depending on the HP section, can also be used.

The class of class has been renewed as a hybrid concept by strengthening the role of supporters and supplementing hunting and attack capabilities. Support skills such as Mass Heal High Cure Double Shield Blessed Field increase the range of application and skill effect, helping allies to heal and survive. Attack skills such as Holy Light Saint Guillotine have been strengthened and the number of targets increased.

Lineage 2M is holding 9 events to commemorate the large-scale update. Users can use 'Spring Rapid Growth Box' that supports growth and pays rewards every time a certain level is achieved 'Spring Cherry Blossom Island' that collects items from event dungeons and exchanges them for rewards Purchases oracle books and completes quests in new arena dungeons You can participate in various events such as 'The Lord of the Burning Valley, Adil' and receive items.

NC also predicted the future update direction of Lineage 2M. It plans to introduce clan contents such as balancing the entire class clan quests and clan skills, new territory ‘Innadrill’, and final boss of Oman, ‘Baium’, etc.

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