"Lineage2M" opens a new profession "crossbow" and all professions Apr-01-2022

"Lineage2M" will complete the second period of "VIP V Determination with Blood" today (30th), opening the new calling "Crossbow" and calling change. Complete various exercises simultaneously.

A light emission that infiltrates the foe pointedly, the new class "Crossbow" is coming! With the relentless portable shooting of moving and going after, the war zone comedian of the foe is restricted by the deceptive development.

The primary elements of the crossbow are:

Constant Movement Shot - An expertise that can go after while moving.

Revile Magic Neutralization - Ability to shield against lethal revile enchantment.

Equivocal Mobility - Evasion abilities keep foes from drawing nearer.

The primary abilities of the crossbow are:

Crossbow - Fires bolts at the objective to bargain harm even while moving.

Secrecy Hunter - Use the force of shadow to bring a secret sphere that assaults arbitrary targets other than your companions' objectives.

Reverse somersault - Kick the objective to cause harm and push it in reverse, then reverse somersault away from the objective.

Puncturing Arrow - Fires 3 bolts at the objective even while moving. Bolts will haphazardly travel to the objective and up to 2 individuals around the objective.

Escape - Melt into the shadow to deliver the lock on yourself, and move to the front of an arbitrary player inside a specific reach.

Outright Mirror Shot - Use outrageous fixation in battle to work on the effect, limitation, and unusual state hit capacity to guard against the foe's revile enchantment once, and the impact will be dropped when the revile wizardry is effectively shielded.

Proxima - Summons Proxima at the objective area to cause a break, which builds the caster's effect, limitation hit and ability harm increment in the span of 10 seconds, and makes constant harm the objective in the space of the Proxima break.

Quasar - Summons a dark opening on the gap of Proxima Centauri to also limit the development of foes inside range.

Notwithstanding new occupations, there is moreover "occupation transformation" that is all the while open today. After the 3/30 support and before the 4/6 upkeep, everything occupations can be changed over into occupations. Characters above level 60 can transform one occupation they are holding to different occupations.

"Lineage2M" likewise sent off various exercises today:

[Light Crossbow Crossbow]: After the 3/30 support ~ before the 4/13 upkeep, during the occasion time frame, converse with the "Bronze Crossbow Statue" in the town to get "Through Light Auxiliary Magic", which can expand all harm by 1, Defense +1, harm easing back +1, and the term of assistant sorcery is 4 hours.

[Brilliant Light Cherry Blossom Festival]: After the support on 3/30 ~ before the upkeep on April 13, during the occasion time frame, you can get reward things by email from 09:00 to 12:00 each day, including "Yin Haiza's Favor * 1000, Golden Light Cherry Blossom Festival Time Charge Stone (Event), Cherry Blossom Petal (Event)*10, Soul Bullet (Mark)*500". Moreover, during the occasion time frame, the "Brilliant Light Cherry Blossom Festival" occasion prison can be opened from the prison. Hunting in this prison can haphazardly acquire "Sakura Petals (Event)", and can make an assortment of things. Hunting prison beasts will haphazardly get "Pink Cherry Blossom Box (Event)".

[Brilliant Light Clan Hunting]: After the 3/30 upkeep ~ before the 4/13 support, you just need to utilize a layered key to open the tribe hunting prisons, everything being equal. Whenever you effectively rout the last supervisor of the faction hunting, you can get double the "aspect" Reputation Box (engrave)" reward.

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