Lineage2M introductory guide: every detail you want to know Feb-02-2023

With regards to the MMORPG classification, there aren't many titles as large as Lineage. Since its delivery back in 1998, the archaic dream RPG (created by NCSOFT) has produced one of the greatest computer game establishments ever, with a huge number of fans from one side of the planet to the other and record-breaking earning numbers.

The furthest down the line expansion to the unbelievable establishment, Lineage2M, is at long last accessible to players in North America and Western Europe. The cross-stage MMORPG can be downloaded from Google Play and Application Store for cell phones, but at the same time it's accessible for PC using PURPLE.

The game elements some new, exceptional mechanics and frameworks that can't be tracked down in that frame of mind of the class. So we've thought it'd be really smart to assemble a little aide to assist players with getting to know all the new happy Lineage2M brings to the table. So, we should get going with some exceptionally essential data.

- Classes and Detail The board

There's a sum of 6 classes accessible to play in buy L2M Diamonds. In view of the weapon each character can use there are the accompanying classes: Sword, Double Cutting edges, Knife, Bow, Staff and Sphere. Obviously, every class has its own personal attributes and job in the game be that as it may, it likewise requires interest in various details.

Scuffle classes (Sword, Double Edges, Knife) utilize 'STR' detail. Enchantment assault classes (Staff, Circle) require high 'INT'. For Bow clients, which is a gone assault class, 'DEX' is vital. During the beginning phases of the game, make a point to work on these details as needs be founded on your personality's class, without dismissing 'Exactness' and 'Assault Harm'.

- Battle Settings

In the realm of Lineage2M, you'll end up continually captivating in battle. Understanding how certain game capabilities work, will make your experience significantly simpler and assist you with enduring longer in the front line.


Examine capability is the focusing on framework in Lineage2M. By utilizing it, you can set assigned focuses for your personality to assault. There are two or three unique ways you can utilize 'Sweep'. By squeezing it once, your personality will naturally target beasts or players consecutively. You can likewise hold the Output button down and drag it to an ideal area. Like that, beasts or players in that area will be designated. Assuming you press the sweep choice button at the lower part of the objective rundown (shows up on the upper right of the screen), you can set different focusing on choices.

#Speedy Opening

Utilizing Speedy Opening can make your in-game life significantly more straightforward, as this capability permits your personality to consequently project abilities that are off cool-down and furthermore use things. You should simply tap on Fast Space and drag your preferred expertise or thing on it. By hauling up, you can switch off the auto-empower setting.

#Weight Breaking point

Lineage2M has a 'Weight Breaking point' framework set up. Each character has a weight measure and in light of its worth, certain punishments will happen. Assuming the check meter is more than half, recuperating HP and MP will at this point not be imaginable. In the event that that worth is more prominent than 80%, your personality will not have the option to enter battle.

In this manner, it is vital to sell any overabundance plunder or basically store things in your reserve. You can likewise enlist things on Codex, in return for detail upgrades.


Utilizing a Soulshot thing during battle against strong foes is fundamental, as this thing can make incredible measures of harm your objective.

- Prophet Journey

If you have any desire to step up quick, finishing 'Prophet Journey' is fundamental. This mission, that should be possible up to 10 times each day, and it will reset after stepping up, will give you a lot of involvement as well as different unique things that you can use to work on your personality. Players can get this journey through Einhasad Sculpture in the town.

- Prison

Testing Prisons is one more approach to getting unique things, as well as acquiring a ton of involvement. Each time you enter a prison, you invest a portion of your accessible 'access time'. When you exhaust this time, you can't longer enter a prison until that clock is charged once more. By utilizing the 'Reward Time Stone' thing, you can in a split second charge it back. It's fundamental for complete as numerous prison runs as you can to step up quick.

- Evil Sword Zariche

Evil Sword Zariche is an occasion that happens haphazardly in the hunting zones from Aden. A framework message will seem to illuminate the players about Zariche's area once it generates. By testing this occasion and bringing down adversaries, players can obtain extraordinary rewards, for example, 'Prophet Token', 'Zariche's Piece' and 'Shilen's Imprint' among others.