Lineage 2M will launch in North America and Europe on December 2 Feb-14-2022

NCSOFT showed the update plan for the famous portable game Lineage 2M. The Roadmap presents just the main undertakings during the current year, so minor updates, with minor changes and non-center substance, are excluded from the arrangement.

Here are the advancements hanging tight for clients in Lineage 2M in 2022:

First quarter 2022:

Currently on January 26, three new prisons will show up in the game - the Sealed Temple, Kite and Nebulite.

In February, the Bremnon Knight and Seraphim Knight classes will be acquainted with Lineage 2M, as well as the new Oren area, where you can track down novel supervisors and new cultivating areas.

On March 9, players will get another new class - the Spear. He has great AOE and a wide assortment of assaults.

For the second quarter of 2022, the engineers intend to present palace attacks, as well as new gathering prisons The Last Garden and Ketra Barracks.

The second from last quarter of 2022 will bring the new Aden area, the Two-Handed Sword class, and the Tower of Insolence between server prisons to the game. Furthermore toward the year's end, one more new class was ready for the players - the Crossbow.

Ancestry 2M is the second most beneficial MMORPG from NCSOFT. The game was delivered in the European locale toward the beginning of December last year and is accessible on both cell phones and PC.

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