Lineage 2M(Korea) Launch Date Announced! Jan-11-2021

NCsoft was released on November 27, 2019. MMORPG Lineage 2M is available for iOS and Android(Cheap Lineage 2M Diamonds from buyl2m)!

The game broke the record of 7 million pre-registrations on November 1, 2019, and became the most pre-registered in Korea! Construction began on October 15 and quickly reached capacity within two hours.

From what has been revealed so far, Lineage 2M:

    ● Aims to push the technological limits of Korean MMORPGs

    ● Has “full 3D Graphics”, meaning 4K UHD resolution, though primarily for PC

    ● Has collision detection. Players will get a more realistic feeling when interacting with objects. Likewise, monster reactions, especially for boss raids, will be improved

    ● Features seamless loading, for no loading screens. Teleportation and wyvern riding will facilitate world travels

    ● Takes Lineage 2 as a design base. There will be new characters too, possibly some exclusive to Lineage 2M

    ● Is claiming to launch with around 100 class types

    ● Will adjust settings accordingly to a mobile device’s specifications

‘Purple’ is being pushed alongside the launch of Lineage 2M. It is NCsoft's new PC emulator for playing mobile games. Purple laptop and PC users share the same server, making Lineage 2M a cross-platform crossover game. Purple naturally supports keyboard and mouse use. Lineage 2M is Purple's first title and has also been improved. It has live broadcast functions as well as streaming viewing.

Are you excited about Lineage 2M? We hope the global version is not too far away!