Lineage 2M is updated today, adding a new arena copy "Jepar Hall" May-06-2022

"Lineage 2M" is updated today (4th), opening the arena copy "Jepal Palace", adding Yinhesa Pendant Transformation Stone (Myth), job balance adjustment, blood alliance fund system, some game content rewards increase and Island of Battles and Ruined Castles update. and carry out multiple activities.

Japar Palace is the second arena copy of "Lineage 2M", which will be paired in a cross-world manner and compete against each other on the same battlefield. Players above level 70 can enter the arena by selecting the arena copy through the copy interface and clicking on the Japar Palace.

The interior of the Japar Palace is divided into six areas: "Palace Hall, Black Chapel, Resurrection Altar, Shadow Seal Room, Forbidden Bookstore, and Cradle of Fallen Angels". monster.

The monsters that roamed the Japar Hall were driven by mysterious otherworldly magic and turned into unpredictable appearances during battle. Defeating the boss monster "Jepal" will give you a chance to get bonus items including "Hadin's Ring, Magical Ink (Myth), Dominion Seal, and Edios Rune".

"Lineage 2M" also launched a number of activities today:

[The Oracle of the Fallen Angels]: After the 5/4 maintenance ~ before the 5/18 maintenance, during the event period, you can buy the "Book of Oracles in the Temple of Japar (event)" from the Holy Knights Magician (event) NPC, and complete After the oracle mission, you can get rich growth resources.

[Purification of the Destroyed Castle]: After the maintenance on 5/4 ~ before the maintenance on 5/18, during the event period, you can receive reward items by email from 21:00 to 24:00 every night, including "Yinhasa Favor * 1000, Destruction of Purification Bag (event), Shiny Antique Bag (event)*3, Book Box of the Oracle of Yinhesa (event)”. In addition, during the event period, the dungeon time of "Destroyed Castle" has been doubled from 1 hour to 2 hours, and you can also obtain rich rewards by hunting dungeon monsters to collect the Destruction Bag of Purification (event).

[Double! Call of Friends in Arms]: After the 5/4 maintenance to before the 5/18 maintenance, during the event period, the number of daily team dungeon admissions has been increased from 1 to 2 times, and the gold coins and experience points have also been increased by 2 times.

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