Lineage 2M Early Access - Is It Worth Waiting For? Jan-11-2021


In this article, we’ll look at gameplay and discuss some of NCSoft’s Lineage 2M predictions, which will be released exclusively in South Korea, and the global release is scheduled to begin in early 2021 on iOS and Android. Lineage 2M tries to create a PC MMORPG experience by heavy search and grinding on your mobile device. (So we forget that fast-paced advances, raises, gems, combos, etc. are not the purpose of the game.) Rather, we dive into the game’s features and mechanics.

Lineage 2M is also based on a timeline that immediately precedes the original Lineage 2 on the computer. Despite this, the game is actually supported on different platforms, allowing mobile and PC gamers to play together on the same servers.

Categories and weapons

Lineage 2M is based on a weapon system where players can choose one of five races (humans, elves, elves, orcs and dwarves) and then choose one of the weapons available for this competition. The game encourages you to create multiple characters with different races and weapons, giving you a passive account-level basic boost through the game’s folder progression system (which I write below).

Currently, each race is locked by gender (but we can see during the global release of this change). Each race has a different base and different growth stats that affect the game a little later. The choice of your weapon affects the skills available to you (see more in the next section) when you play the game, and unfortunately you cannot switch between weapons.

Play and fight

Don't let the game's graphics deceive you. This may sound like a typical mobile MMORPG, like Black Desert Mobile or Dragon Raja, but I assure you it isn’t in many ways. Lineage 2M really tries to take the PC MMORPG experience to mobile by focusing on exploration and grinding. As you can see in the next section, the character’s progression really focuses on a scrolling system based on monster hunting, collecting artifacts, and general exploration.

The control layout is quite different compared to other mobile games, the player can have 20 skills that are actively equipped with a center bar function. There are 4 skills, 5 numbers in each. This really gives you the versatility and complexity of PC MMORPGs compared to the 4-5 skill typical of mobile MMORPGs.

Personally, I think the fight is a bit clumsy, it has no great effects or anything unique that I’ve never seen in an MMORPG before. Fortunately, there is automatic / anti-auto-play to get rid of grinding. The real purpose of the game is to search and progress while having a strategic setting for your character as the right rotation of skills. The game almost always encourages the use of an automated game / battle and makes you focus more on building your character, advancing new pieces of code, and unlocking the quest.

Progress system

As mentioned above, Lineage 2M differs from a typical MMORPG in terms of progression, so forget about gems, enhancements, and Gacha clouds to add and sort stats, for example. The progress of Lineage 2M is highly dependent on the Codex system.

The Codex system is a way to play a game that encourages players to spend more time searching for, searching for, and collecting items, which they can then “save” to an account to enable negative statistics and bonuses for your characters. You can store things like weapons, equipment, pets, monster spirits, unlocked characters, and more. Some features in the Manuscripts folder give your character more power, while others help you progress faster.

There are also other things that make your character stronger, such as better equipment, a weapons experience, pets, and a talent system that allows you to share points, skills, and more. Ultimately, the scrolling system and the amount you open / collect are the game changer.

Other game features

Lineage 2M has some classic RPG features such as gun / gear durability, number of arrows, and weight system. This is support or fraud depending on personal preferences. (I personally don’t like this because it gives me more work)

Lineage 2M also includes some of the core features of MMORPGs, such as PvP, Castle Raids, Guild events, world presidents, and more. In Lineage 2M, there will never be a shortage of missions, you have to fight hordes of monsters to unlock achievements and scroll servers.

Final thoughts

Long-lasting PC MMORPG titles as a player with 2M Lineage is essentially what I've seen on a mobile device the PC experience. Personally, I found slow progress, heavy grinding, and adapting skills completely refreshing to a mobile address. This game is really not designed for people looking for a casual game or fast progress to complete the game genre. To really enjoy Lineage 2M, you’re someone who loves grinding and takes the time to gather things by exploring and hunting. After all, the players with the most patience and who spend the most time grinding are the strongest.

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