"Lineage 2M" adds "Past Battlefield" and "Aden Border Zone" in Aden territory! Apr-06-2022

"Lineage 2M" New Aden domains "Past Battlefield" and "Aden Border Zone" have been added! Presenting the amazing class "Doom Persona" with two main weapons and the new legend class Agathion!

NCSOFT Co., Ltd. (Korea Itabashi (Pangyo), Representative: Tatsumi Kanazawa (NC), hereinafter NC) is satisfied to inform you about the cutting edge open world RPG "Lineage 2M".

New Aden domains and new classes/Agathions have been added! Also, some abilities of the two-gave blade/sphere will be restored! [Update date and time]

In this update, new Aden domains "Past Battlefield", "Aden Border Zone" and new classes/Agathions have been added.

New supervisor monsters have additionally been implemented in the new Aden region, with "Thanatos" showing up in the "Past Battlefield" and "Raha" showing up in the "Aden Border Zone".

There are 8 sorts of new classes like the unbelievable class "Doom Persona" and the legend class "Sema", which have two main weapons, "Circle" and "Staff". The seed legend has shown up.

What's more, some abilities of "Two-gave blade" and "Circle" have been recharged. At the same time, we will complete a class change for "two-gave blade/circle".

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