Lineage 2 Revolution achieves 52 million combat power of 'o-nabi-o' Apr-12-2022

Lineage 2 Revolution Mecha positioning time. Ranker oNavio, who arrived at 51 million interestingly last week, is developing at a gigantic speed. This week as well, it outperformed 52 million of every 7 days, dominating the second and third spot rankers. Here, another ranker entered the TOP 3, and the opposition turned out to be more serious. How about we investigate the Mecha Ranking right now to see what it resembles.

To start with, it is the TOP 3 generally server battle power. Nabio (Bartz, Phoenix Knight), who took the best position for a very long time, expanded his battle power by 540,000 out of multi week, turning into the initial 52 million ranker. Contrasted with last week, the ascent of rankers is stale, so I feel this development is more extreme.

In second spot, Jeju Gom2 4@ (Bartz, Work Liar) is solidly set up. Also, another name was engraved on the third spot, in particular Tuyaho (Bartz, Mystic Muse). He expanded his battling power by 610,000 contrasted with last week, and he scaled from sixth to third without a moment's delay. Unhae (Kenlauhel, Dreadnought), who had been saving TOP 3 for quite a while, was pushed to fifth spot. Hunting (Kenlauhel, Ghost Hunter), who was in fifth spot last week, moved to fourth place.

In any case, it is too soon to be feeling much better that he is in the rankings. This is on the grounds that, among the positions 3 to 10, the level with the biggest contrast in battle power is just 200,000. I'm truly anticipating the following week's Mecca positioning to check whether Tuyaho can keep his TOP 3 spot.

Next is the circulation of ranker occupations. 'Moonlight Sentinel', which has been number one in numerous years, recorded the least offer this year. It lost an incredible 0.9 rate focuses and arrived at the 17% level. Alternately, the second spot 'Evas Saint' expanded its portion of the overall industry altogether to reach 8%. 'Man of war' climbed one spot to fifth, however there was no massive change in piece of the pie, then again, actually 'Evas Templar' attached for fifth spot because of a drop in portion of the overall industry. 'Sagitarius' likewise acquired a significant offer and positioned in 10th spot together with 'Phoenix Knight'.

In the mid-range, 'Sillien Templar' and 'Comedian' expanded their portion of the overall industry, and 'Eldritch Wizard' was the only one with a lessening in the number. On account of this, Shillien Templar, who went up 7 spots, and Eldritch Wizard, who went down 3 spots, met in a tie for eighteenth. 'War Slayer' has entered the lower part of the graphs by dropping its portion for quite some time. With that response, 'Tyrent' has ascended to 24th spot. The scope of offer vacillations for different occupations is 0~0.2% focuses, so seeing it as an issue is troublesome.

Lineage 2 Revolution Ranker Dual Class Distribution

The decay of the 'Destroyer', which has been perched on the double class privileged position for quite a while, proceeds. This week, the Destroyer lost 0.6 rate focuses and scarcely figured out how to remain in the 16% territory. Then again, the second-set 'Tyrent' has expanded that much and is moving toward the 14% level. third spot 'Battleship' is by all accounts cementing its situation as its piece of the pie has ascended too.

For reference, the occupation with the biggest diminishing in share this week is 'Circular segment Mage'. Albeit the positioning is just a single step down from tenth to eleventh, the lost offer is an astounding 0.9 rate focuses. A downfall is hard to recuperate in a brief timeframe. The scope of offer variances for different occupations is 0-0.3% focuses, so seeing it as an issue is troublesome.

Lineage 2 Revolution Server Ranker Average Combat Power Ranking

This is the normal positioning of the server ranker's battle power. Following the most youthful server 'Mapr' who beat 'Theon' last week, 'Gunter' overwhelmed 'Balacas' to rank fifth. Gunther is a somewhat new server that has as of late been permitted to move. At last, we accomplished a breathtaking accomplishment, outperforming the senior servers 'Balacas' and 'Dion' to arrive at the TOP 5. It's not excessively far from the fourth spot, Oren. In any case, from the TOP 3, the boundary to passage rises quickly, so it isn't normal to be not difficult to invert the TOP 3 construction with the exception of the variable of server move.

The servers with the most disheartening outcomes this week are 'Balacas' and 'Antaras'. Specifically, Antaras recorded an unassuming development of under 1/5 of the normal battle power it had expanded. On account of this, despite the fact that 'Raven' accomplished better than expected outcomes, it verged on being in tenth spot.

In the mean time, Mapr, who victoriously positioned thirteenth last week, was fairly powerless in this count. Theon, who can't beat Mapr's development rate and tumbles to the base, is accelerating by expanding her normal battle power more than Gunther.

Lineage 2 Revolution client casting a ballot, what is your viewpoint?

Last week's client vote chosen the most dynamic members in the continuous 'Gatekeepers of the East' occasion. The one that got the most votes and came in the lead position was 'The Misty Mountain', a fracture in the development of an occasion. Furthermore 'Episode Pass', where the advantages are pouring in however much the mission is achieved in a brief time frame, came in runner up. In third spot, the 'Gatekeepers of the East' occasion' and 'Occasion World Boss 'Troll' occurred one next to the other.

Occasions and advantages are pouring in at whatever point new satisfied shows up. Allow this fever to chill off Lineage 2 Revolution revealed the all-server PvP content 'Fight Royale' in 'Designer Note Episode 76'. As the name proposes, it is a fight where the last individual gets by. Like the war zone of honor, all clients start with equivalent battle power, and the objective is to stay away from the always growing 'reviled domain' and make due until the end.

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