Lineage 2 M's 1st Anniversary Discusses Revamped Content and Future Plans Mar-22-2022

NCSOFT's "Paradise 2 M" is about to celebrate the first anniversary of its launch. Especially on the eve of the revision of Calendar V, well-known live hosts Dingte, Xiaoxu, Yuxi and official staff are invited to conduct an online live broadcast to discuss the content of the revision and future plans.

On the 15th, the official website of "Heaven 2 M" released the content of the revision of "Celebrity V's Resolve with Blood".

The new class "Crossbow" has stylish movement and fantastic action, even while moving, it can shoot arrows at the target to inflict damage. This time, there will be six crossbow classes, including the legendary classes "Momo" and "Shirin", as well as the hero classes "Hona", "Knicks", "Bellekis", and "Trizzi".

The first arena copy of "Paradise 2 M", "Ancient Island", is a special battlefield that is restricted to open at a certain time, and gathers heirs from different worlds to cooperate and compete. Defeat the sleeping boss Kustole in the control room, and you will get rewards including "(Mythic) Elna Necklace, (Mythical) Raoul Belt, (Legendary) Magical Ink.

In order to celebrate the first anniversary and the arrival of the revision of Calendar V, NCSOFT specially invited well-known live hosts Dingte, Xiao Xu and Yuxi to broadcast "LIVE TALK IN TAIWAN" online at 19:00 on March 21st, and will be broadcast by NC Taiwan General Manager Xu Zhengde brought a special video for the first anniversary and the future plan of the game.

The "LIVE TALK IN TAIWAN" program will not only bring game information that players want to know, but also send cool touch rewards from time to time. Players who want to get first-hand information about the game and limited virtual treasure props, don't miss the 21st event. Live!

The pre-order of "Heaven 2 M" "Celebrity V: Determination with Blood" will end at 23:59 on March 22. As long as you participate in the reservation, you can receive a first-anniversary thanksgiving gift, including the "First-anniversary Hero Class Challenge Selection Coupon ( Event)", "1st Anniversary Hero Pot Essence Challenge Coupon (1 time) (event)", "1st Anniversary Calendar Chapter Commemorative Ring", "1st Anniversary Special Heir Gear Box (Event)", "1st Anniversary Special Inheritance" Support Box (Event)" and "Mysterious Resolution Box (Event) x14".

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