About a beautiful casino roulette game with MMORPG elements Jan-19-2022

Today I decided to start writing about a beautiful casino roulette game with MMORPG elements. Of course, there is still a lot of entertainment in it, and here is a short list:

PVP can kill players anywhere, anytime (except for cities and some dungeons (dungeons), there are no so-called layers and everyone sees each other.

Killing (farming) mobs with a drop chance: items, skill books, crafting items.

Trips to Red Bosses (RB), which are divided into several types (grade): world, blue, red (a guild is required or several million rubles). The main hunt is on the Reds and the main struggle, massacre and abuse is going on for them, since the best blue, red and purple things, weapons, skills fall from them.

Roulette and casino for money, which will strengthen (boost) your character - the more money, the stronger your character, but you need a big donat here and you can’t really call a $ 1000 donate here, since the boost from this will not be high. The main boost and benefits for players who have invested more. But if you are a PVE player and a little PVP, then this will not hurt you to play, since there is also a roulette - for example: a red card will fall out, things will sharpen well, or good things and books will fall out from mobs or RB. But in general, whoever controls the RB (and bots) rules the ball.

Gathering a collection (code) and sharpening.


And of course, how not without problems in the game:

Bots that prevent you from completing quests and clog the spot where valuable items fall out. Fighting and killing them is useless. The program teleports bots if damage is dealt. Bots can attack and remember the player who attacked. And if this is someone's cluster of bots, then the entire cluster of these bots will attack you. Bots can jump on "Zarich" (event) on the map and kill, they can kill RB. On some servers there are a lot of them, on some there are few (especially where registration is already prohibited and due to the ban the number decreases). Every week NCSOFT bans tens of thousands of bots.

Donat (optional) for which you can buy everything. About donat it is necessary to explain, if a player has a lot of diamonds, then he can buy - craft any thing, but with some degree of probability. Diamonds are bought for real currency and can be obtained by trading items at the auction (things, books, resources). People who donate get an advantage (class card, agathions, special collections, weapons, items, skill books). They will be ahead of you by several months and with a giant donation, by a couple of years. Pros of donation - top content is available to you, you can take red RBs, you can put the whole server on your ears and no one can do anything except the same people with a huge donation.

Ping - play on Korean servers.

The game has class cards, which are divided into colors (Grade) - white, green, blue, red, purple. There are 6 classes in total (0, 1, 2 - chronicles, in 3 - chronicles there will be one more class (spearmen) - there will be 7 in total).

We will be interested only in blue cards (70% of players) and red ones (30% of players), and we will skip purple (top cards) for now, since it will be possible to get only for a huge donation (about 1 million diamonds). White and green class cards - for starting the game and collections (code).

One of the main tasks in the game, in addition to farming, going to RB, is to collect a collection (code) - class cards, agathions, things. The more collection you have, the stronger your characters are on the account of this server.

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